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Sunday, November 13, 2011


Actually, shouldn’t the plural of “penises” be “penii”? Makes a twisted sort of sense, I think.

Anyway, fellas, you kinda do deserve to be laughed at if your dick is covered by a flesh hoodie. I’ve read that it’s not healthy and that a cheesy type of bacteria can form around the tip, causing bad odors and, in some cases, itchiness. Of course if you want your crank to smell like rotten potato chip dip, that’s up to you, but don’t really expect a young lady to cotton to that sort of thing.

Further, you don’t have the right to complain if the young lady in question really doesn’t want to gobble your knob while it is sheathed in such a manner.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and have the doctor take an inch or so off the top. I mean, a schwantz appears pretty hilarious, even WITH a circumcision, but without one it really looks like an embarrassed turtle.

Guys, you’ve probably never heard a girl say “Wow, I could sure go for a man who still has a winter coat on over his tool.” You probably never will, either. The “point and laugh” factor will more than likely diminish once you defrock it.

A word to the cock-wise.


  1. Well said. And to answer a question, you put an I at the end only if the word ends in US so the correct plural would be penises. You had it right along. You shouldn't doubt yourself, I have found over the years that first instincts are usually accurate. This is my introduction to you and your blog which was recommended by a friend. Stay awesome and keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you RedAnarchist76!!! So you know, you have officially popped my comment cherry lol. I've gotten views, but no comments, so thanks again!!!

  3. Your blog is so TRUE!!!! It was recommended by a fellow friend to read...very interesting facts you pointed out! I'm expecting my 1st child, well twins...all I can say is that if they're boys(which I'll find out next month) they definitely WILL be circumcised! Once again, GREAT BLOG!

  4. Congrats on your pregnancy Jazzy18!!!! Your babies will be blessed if you get them a trim lol. Someone said earlier that they knew a man who was called, "Doggy Dick," in high school because he was not circumcised. Sometimes less is more...Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  5. Are you? If a boy can be taught to wipe his ass he can be taught to clean under his foreskin. If a man didn't like the way your nose looked would you cut it off? Do more research and leave the choice up to them.

  6. You would think that they could be taught how to clean themselves would think. Unfortunately, some of them either don't learn, or just refuse. As far as my nose, if a man didn't like it, chances are, we would not end up going to the bedroom...just saying.

  7. And for the record, I've never had any complaints in the nasal region.