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Monday, January 16, 2012


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This clip came from the porn, "Nightdreams." No, I have not actually seen the film, but just this scene left me scratching my head. First of all, I actually feel bad for Mr. Cream of Wheat. For a guy who has to wear a giant cardboard cutout, you'd think that they would at least make a larger area for this woman to, "perform." Instead, she just provides a little hand action and licks the tip, which, yes, probably felt amazing, but come on.

Then, out of nowhere, comes a piece of dancing toast! I actually found this to be quite entertaining, but it goes to show, it doesn't pay to be a backup dancer. This guy dances and even busts out a saxophone, and what does he receive? Nothing...nada...

However, now I am suddenly excited about my breakfast. Pop Tarts anyone?


  1. Blowjobs - they're not just for breakfast anymore.

    Willing to bet that this was the first time she ate Cream of Wheat and didn't have to swallow lumps.

    My better half just pointed out that breakfast, after all, IS the most important meal of the day...

  2. Good point! Let us hope her Cream of Wheat was without lumps! LOL

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